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Now out on Barnes&Noble and as eBooks for the Kindle, Apple's iBookstore and Barnes&Noble's eReader, the Nook.

Aspiring authors, how long have you been working on your first book?

Wouldn’t you rather earn some money, while you keep writing, re-writing and polishing your craft?
I got the "secret" word for you! Public Domain Publishing...
I have been republishing books and experimenting with writing for the last 6-years. I have four of my books self-published via my publishing label, I have published one book, mostly out of respect and friendship for the client, not money. I currently have 60+ books published and I have several articles in print with various magazines.

To paraphrase Rudyard Kipling - "There is nothing new under the sun". There are lot of new books that are sub-par and yet, they are published with mainstream, big publishing houses. Call me old fashioned, I just love some of the out-of-print classics!

How is my book different from the run of the mill, public domain how-to books, e-Books or websites?

Well, I am actually doing it! My book is a step-by-step, detailed guide on becoming a successful public domain publisher. It addresses all facets of publishing and discovering free content, it also teaches the reader how to market a book, how to pick a genre, how to work with Amazon, Create Space, Lightning Source, and yes, even LULU.
My book, explains how to make a sales page, how to SEO your web site and how to use the Internet and brick-and-mortar marketing to success....
The fact is; this is the easiest way to learn about writing and publishing. By doing it! Learn and earn at the same time! It will not happen overnight but I have done it and I am making money every single month, even when I m on vacation or do not touch my business....


“..Your book is great, and has a lot of useful information, both for people who are "would-be" publishers, and those simply looking to make some money online. Your SEO descriptions are in simple, easy to understand terms, unlike some others I've read and had no clue what they were talking about.
Dennise Gubbard


“This extraordinarily helpful how-to is a must have for publishers and self-publishers.
The author, who has published over 60 books, teaches how to find and use content in the public domain to increase your streams of income and to bring to light timeless information. He provides both instruction and valuable resources and links to enable you to find and publish books no longer protected by copyright.
His information prompted me to download a public domain book about the 1850s we sell steadily in our bookstore from Project Gutenberg, re-typeset it, redesign a cover, put our ISBN on it, and print it for sale in our store. All except for the printing of course and the ISBN was absolutely free.
I now plan to publish a series of books from the 1800s frontier days to create a special section in our store, as well as wholesaling them to local museums and such. This book made all that possible. We rated it our max five hearts."
Bob Spear, Publisher & Chief Reviewer Heartland Reviews


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50-100 copy discount is 55%

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